«ARMYTEX» LLP founded on 17th September 2013 is the manufacturer of Parachute brake systems (hereinafter  – PBS) PBS-29CK for MiG-29 aircrafts, PBS-10240-65 series 2 for MiG-31 aircrafts,  PBS-25 for Su-25 aircrafts and PBS-10CK for Su-27 aircrafts.

Production capacities of the enterprise allow to produce up to 200 – 300 PBS per year covering demand of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan and creating export potential of these products.

The company has qualified personnel as well as all necessary equipment.

The materials used in the production, have quality certificates and protocol test confirming their high quality and compliance with technical data.

«ARMYTEX» LLP has a license №16005091 dated 24.03.2016 г. – «Development, manufacture, repair, purchase and sale of ammunition, armaments and military equipment, spare parts, complementary articles and devices, special materials and equipment for their manufacture, including assembly, commissioning,  modernization, installation, usage, storage, repair and servicing», issued by the Committee of Industrial Development and Safety under the Development and Investment Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Company obtained the Certificate of origin (CT-KZ form) №6 101 00272 dd 27.05.2016, which confirms the status of the domestic manufacturer.

The trials of the produced samples were held directly in the air bases of Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Conclusions issued (Test reports on conformity to the technical requirements).

The Company signed a Cooperation agreement with JSC “National Company” Kazakhstan Engineering” on selling the PBS for tactical aviation aircrafts for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan